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YES!!!!!!, You definitely found it.

We apologise for not automatically redirecting you to our 2017 NECO GCE WHATSAPP GROUP.

  We have actually changed the link.We regret the incovenience.However, this action was taken for your security.

 We discovered that some desperate desperate scammers are joining the group via our group link , thereby defrauding some gullible candidates.

        Please, we are now manually adding members to our group and we will only add members who have paid for our 2017 NECO GCE RUNZ.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.
We are doing everything for the interest of our esteemed candidates.
We dont want to be held liable for any scam therein.
So, we are taking a very serious security measure.
         To be added to our 2017 NEcO GCE WHATSAPP Group;

1. You Must have paid for our runz

2. You Must have received confirmation message that your payment has been acknowledged

3. Then, add the ADMIN on WhatsApp with XXXXXXXXXX

ONLY the admin can add you to the group.


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