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2017/2018 WAEC GCE Chemistry Obj & Theory Runz/Runs


Standard hydrogen electrode This is an electrode system which is normally used as a
 reference electrode, it is formed when hydrogen gas at 25c and pressure of 1 atm is bubbled through onr molar (1M) of Hcl.
No1b)  Metals are good reducing agent because the are electro donors (metal ionizes by loss of electron)

1c) i) Diamond is used in jewelry because they resist chemical attack and high temperature.
ii) Diamond is used as abrassive because they are dense and hard.

iii) Diamond is a non conductor of electricity because they lack free valence electron

(2ai) it's a group of atoms or type of bond possessed by certain organic compounds making them have some or similar chemical properties. 

I.  Ester
II. Ethyl ethanorate

(I). Unsaturated hydrocarbon
(II). Alkanol
(III). Alkanoic Acid 

(i) Acidified KMnO4 turns from purple to colourless 
(ii) A sweet smelling compound is produced 
(iii) Effervescence occurs with colourless odourless gas that turns lime water milky being evolved 

I.  O
II. -1 and +1

I.  4H+ + No3— +3e— >NO + 2H2O
II.  Mass/molar mass = It/πe— * 96500c
0.5/197 = 0.8*t/3*96500
t= 0.5*3*96500/197*0.8
t = 918.46s

(2di) Group 2
(II) X3N2
(III) Beryllium

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