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Whatever type of work we’re engaged in, it’s natural for us to want to be the best we can be. There will be occasions, for example when 

we’re going for a promotion or looking to get involved in our employer’s new project or taskforce, when we specifically want to show that we’re the best person for the job. This shouldn’t involve minimising our peers’ achievements or abilities . Read more

 Here are some tips for standing out while remaining of value to your peers, your team and your employer.

1. Be Trustworthy

You must do what you say you’re going to do. When people believe that you’re authentic and honest and they see that in everything you do and say, you’ll begin to stand out in their minds as a shining example of trustworthiness.

2. Muck In

Be seen as a collaborative colleague, one that is always up for helping other people around you. Do this only when you can; you can’t be constantly distracted from your main tasks – but when you do have some time freed up, remember to help out to stand out.

3. Remain Keen to Learn

The progress, or otherwise, of our professional development is predicated on our commitment to continuous learning. Once the powers that be in our organisation see that we’re keen to attend training courses and seminars, to read and review new books on our industry, to listen to podcasts or read technical journals to do with our sector, they will understand just how serious you are about developing your professional self, both for your own benefit and for that of the employer.

4. Show Generosity in Sharing and Transferring Knowledge

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