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List Of 20 Courses You Can Study In Nigeria Universities Without Doing Mathematics

I have not just been asked this question, but have received
Messages and email from awesome readers who want to
know courses in Nigeria they can study without
Mathematics in Nigeria Universities.
As we all know, Mathematics remain the nightmare of
many Nigerian students, although in many cases, there
aren’t several courses you can’t do without it.
Dailyschoolnews Nigeria will be analyzing the list of
courses that doesn’t require mathematics and some courses
that requires small effort in mathematics. Please take note
that many of the courses doesn’t even require a credit
pass in mathematics to gain admission into Nigerian
Universities, therefore with D7, E8 or even F9 in
mathematics , you can still get admission as long as you
have the necessary requirements.
All admission seekers should take note, especially those
that don’t like mathematics can try any of the courses
listed below in Nigerian universities and tertiary
Here are the list of Courses that doesn’t require
mathematics in Nigerian Universities and other higher
Courses that Doesn’t Require
• Languages (English,Yoruba, Hausa, igbo and others)
• Criminology and Security studies
• Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
• Mass Communication
• French and International Relations
• Christian Theology
• Islamic Studies
• Political Science
• History
• Philosophy
• Social studies
• psychology
• Law

Science Courses that Requires little

As we all know, Mathematics is the backbone of science,
the foundation on which calculation is built, but it is
almost Mission impossible to find a science course that
doesn’t requires mathematics. However, Dailyschoolnews
Nigeria team was able to compile the list some courses
that requires little or no calculation in it.
However, what you need to know is that mathematics may
be among the compulsory requirements for the under listed
courses, but during the course of study a students may
not undergo intense calculation like in sevral .
• Nursing
• Biology
• Zoology
• Botany
• Anatomy
• Geography
• Agriculture
• Veterinary medicine

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