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How To Create Facebook Identity Card / Online Facebook ID Card Maker

Do you have a government ID card? If yes, then its time to
apply for the Facebook ID Card. It is just for fun! As
we all know that Facebook is most popular social networking site
in the world, and we all have many friends on Facebook. Mostly
friends including me are always want to try something new to
impress their friends on Facebook. Why not to create Facebook
identity card via id card maker. You may also create your
Facebook Driving license card by this post.

Today, I am sharing a cool Facebook trick by which you can
generate your Facebook ID card like mine. You can also share
your own Facebook ID card generated by identity card maker with
your friends to impress them. There are many websites to create
your Facebook ID card, but all of them I have selected the best
one that I am sharing here. Therefore, here is a quick guide to
create Facebook ID card .
  • Login to Facebook, and visit this site . It will open
    in a new window.
  • Now click on "Click here to get your Facebook ID card or
    Login with Facebook".
  • App will ask you to receive your profile info. grant it by
    clicking on "Okay".
  • Now, in the next screen, you will see your Facebook ID
  • You can share your Facebook ID card with Facebook or
    Twitter, but this website doesn't allow you to give you the
    original photo URL or you can not see the original big size
    of your Facebook ID card. Using the below step, you will
    be able to download the original size of your Facebook ID
  • Once you see your Facebook ID card, copy the below code.
    Now, change 100008352108601 (that is my ID) with your
    Facebook ID mention in your Facebook ID Card in the
    above URL.
  • Now paste the modified URL on the browser, and hit enter,
    you will see the original size 769x401 of your Facebook
    ID card that you can download, and upload to your
    Facebook account as normally you share photos on
It is one of the best Facebook ID Card
generator that I have found on the web. So, I
have shared it with you. If you have found
any other Facebook ID Card generator better
than that then please share it via comments.
You may also like to generate your
Facebook driving license card.

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